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Falak Travel offers the best choice of Desert Safari Dubai Deals and Desert Safari Dubai Packages in Dubai. Indeed our visit starts accompanying a delicate and exhilarating ride in the desert, skipping over the famous Sand Ridges. Amid all the nonsense and exercise, we call for social pictures and Ali’s hoofed animal farm for a short visit. And a friendly welcome expects, therefore, our company is accompanied by an Arabic hot beverage made from beans of a tree, or liquid, and dates while the black flames and the standard furnace is and then illuminated bare our midnight feast. Finally, get few free time to relax in our Arabic tents, so ready accompanying floor coverings and cushions for your solace, or diminish apiece out-of-door fire.
But added inspiring belongings, therefore, stay you touring involve an elegant burnished color design that you can evaluate your hands and extremities, good barbeque, shisha, and character of the festival that you can enjoy. So, skilled are many reasons to plan your next Desert Safari tour handle us. Because we are a high-quality Travel Agency and Tour in Dubai, so we also offer high-quality Desert Safari Dubai Deals, Desert Safari Dubai Packages, or Desert Safari offers, and Desert Safari Tours. Therefore If you get our aid, you will also remind that the tour is the highest rank tour of your existence. But we guarantee to create your festivities high-quality and playful, and fair.
With Falak travel, you also appreciate the best choice tour of your existence. Indeed, we offer restricted desert trek Dubai and also UAE Arab Emirates deals. Finally, If you are expecting the best choice desert trek and the whole of Dubai, therefore you act the right site. And then we guarantee to determine top-ranked touristry aids for our consumers from about the earth.



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Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Falak Travel offers best Desert Safari Dubai Deals in Dubai at Desert Safari Dubai Packages and If you go to Dubai and return without Desert Safari, it would be unfinished business.

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Get a henna tattoo or experience an extraordinary camel ride while so we sit tight for the feature of the night, therefore, incorporating a Tannoura dance show and an outlandish midsection execution to the cadenced beat of Arabia with Dubai Desert Safari Offers. And our night closes with a delightful full grill feast or with various lumps of meat and mixed greens served underneath the twilight skies, so joined by valid Arabic music in Dubai Desert Safari Offers. After supper, because we drive back to back to the city.

Desert Safari Dubai


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Falak Travel offers best Desert Safari Dubai Deals in Dubai at Desert Safari Dubai Packages and If you go to Dubai and return without Desert Safari, it would be unfinished business. Desert Safari is to Dubai what surfing is to Hawaii – you just can’t skip it when you’re there. And when you’re touring with Falak, you get to enjoy this highly sought-after activity in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to which only a handful of operators have access. An added advantage of doing Desert Safari with us that a portion of your tour fee goes into supporting the local conservation projects. So, you’ll be helping the community while making unforgettable memories. we are only travel agency that provides best Desert Safari Offers in UAE.

The evening Desert Safari tour begins around the afternoon and you get to rest at the first stop that is near a camel farm in the middle of the desert. The tour gives you a rare chance to witness the sun setting in the sea of sand, which is quite a spectacle. Plus, you can enjoy activities like camel rides and sand boarding. Riding the 4X4 along with our expert drivers on the red sand dunes with surely throw your adrenaline to new heights. But as you begin to enjoy the thrill, rest assured that you’re in safe hands and the safari follows global safety standards.